Sunday, July 1, 2012


The how many brain cells can you off in 4 days mini tour with SKUFF was shitloads of fun. Listen to fucking CHEST PAIN cause they rule.
We're playing this friday at the chateau noir (day show, 5pm start) with tons of tight homies like DETROIT, RAPE REVENGE, SECOND YELLOW, BURN COLLECTOR, SKUFF and BRIDGE (who we have yet to meet but I'm sure are cool)
And then fastcore fest is this saturday, but you knew that.
And I think we're playing with COLUMN OF HEAVEN, COOKED AND EATEN and RADIOACTIVE VOMIT but Gord hasn't given any details really.
Here's a few videos from the show Saturday in Van.
Broke a string and borrowed CHEST PAIN's guitar. Those guys rule.

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